About Us

Luxurious alpacas fiber; one of the rarest and most treasured natural fibers in the world. Preferred by Kings and coveted by all it is quickly becoming one of the most popular garment producing commodities on the planet. Hence our passion for it`s production and the reason for The Alpaca Boutique.

It was always our intention to duplicate our San Juan Island Alpaca Country Store here in Central Oregon. After working feverishly on the development of the ranch for 5 years, we were finally in a position to channel our efforts to that end. In September of 2007 The Alpaca Boutique was opened here on the ranch. The ensuing year revealed a very warm reception from our customers, neighbors, and visitors. Much like the input we received on the Island. Along with the Boutique, we have set up the ranch so that folks can conduct there own self guided walking tours. An opportunity to walk down runways around the ranch and look at the alpacas in their many different stages of development. The Boutique gives our visitors a chance to get their hands on alpaca and it brings our operation full circle for them. Our visitors love the merchandise (all Alpaca) and the ranch atmosphere.

We are open 10am-4pm Seven Days a Week

To reach us at The Alpaca Boutique you have several options.

  1. The phone number is 541-923-7130
  2. The Address:
    • The Alpaca Boutique
      70397 Buckhorn Rd
      Terrebonne, OR 97760
  3. Email Address:

Please contact us at this website or the Boutique listings for questions on alpacas or alpaca products.